Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't like a person like ME .. I'm not good enaugh for a person like you NEITHER can I accept your heart .. - Choi Ryu

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am still bad..

Good Evening..
I just want to share what I feel now..
now, I feel like I'm lost..
I'm bad.. I know nothing..
clueless and senseless..
in my life.. I really want to be a good person..
I want to be a good person because of The Greatest Allah
and I'm asking of how.. how to be one?
but I'm just a bad person.. who just ask but don't want to listen, unable to feel, and won't give eyes to look
and I'm asking again, just what actually I'm after ?
am I just a kind of betrayer? betrayer of my own heart?
I'm ashamed of myself, how I am all this time feeling proud of me..
but now I'm asking, what am I actually proud of?
while I'm just still this bad...
I want to do well..
Dear Allah ..
please show me the way.. please keep me in Your way..
I'm just a really bad person who wants to be good
who wants to love You..
I'm just one of Your creature..
I have nothing to hold on but You..
for forever, I'm sure that I will always need You..
Dear Allah..
Please.. let me be good , be useful, and be the one that You love..
I know that asking for that. I'm tremendously greedy..
But, I think.. if You let me be that.. I'm feeling enaugh..
I'm enaugh to be loved by Allah ..

Saturday, November 19, 2011



I’m NOT a PUPPY who CRIES over someone’s BACK. And I’m not a crazy LONESOME who BEG to be LOVED. I know I’m still such NAÏVE IMMATURE kind but I have enough STRENGTH to go on my own because I have GOD, FAMILY and FRIENDS. And even if I did MISTAKES, I don’t PLAN to keep on being like THAT. My everyday is a WORTH learning. If I ever did wrong, that’s MY RIGHT, if you are disturbed then TELL ME. If you do not want then just keep your mouth SHUT. Even in some people eyes I’m not even pretty, but to me I’M BEAUTIFUL. My beauty doesn’t DEPEND on who sees it. And I RESPECT myself enough to NOT to be hurt just by some people’s mocking in my back. Now, I’m on my way of being someone I’m PROUD of. So for those people who DOUBT me, I’m going to PROVE to you that I CAN BE what I want to be! And anyway I only depend on my GOD and my effort so whatever they say doesnt CONCERN me. I AM, I AM !

Friday, November 4, 2011


well, today I learn about something precious, again. hha :D just wanna laugh even though what I'm gonna tell is not fun. today, I went to get some fact. but the fact that I was hopin' seemed to be scarier than I thought. what never accross my mind, it really does happen. I used to think that as long as I do good I get something good in return too. But today, someone said to me " To be hurt, you don't have to hurt". That's what I get. and also, don't think that all people in the world are good people, or else you'll be hurt and looked down. and now, I think I find it hard to trust any person anymore. I think I'd just rather save it for myself than share it with someone untrustworthy. I found out some people I trust betrayed me. how ridiculous a person in this world could be? And I think too, Life is just SO MUCH funnier than I thought. and start from right now, I don't want myself to go through such a shame anymore. I don't wanna think how foolish could I be anymore. and today too, I feel it for myself, the word..

"you misunderstood all by yourself, hurting and hating all by yourself. you create your own pain buat you got others to blame." -worlds within

right now, I really want to grow up fast and leave school, so I don't have to see some people that put me into a clown. But still, Thanks GOD for letting me learn, again